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Is Barong The Same As Barong Tagalog?

   By: Matt Barong

Barong Tagalog is properly referred to as the Barong Tagalog (dress of the Tagalog) and it cannot be contacted to simply Barong since that would be equivalent in English to saying “He is wearing a dress of “. The word Barong, one realizes, means “dress of”.If one wishes to shorten the phrase, then it would be Baro or “dress”. Yes, the Barong Tagalog is a dress, a garment, a coat in itself. It is not a “shirt”. If it were, then it would need a coat or a jacket over it to quality as formal wear and would have to be worn tucked inside the trousers. Barong Tagalog can be worn at formal and informal occasions, for day and evening wear, for business and at leisure.

Barong Tagalog Care Tips:

Do not dry clean it. It contains chemicals that may make the Barong Tagalog brittle and therefore shorten its life span.

Using washing machine for Barong Tagalog is a crime.

Hand washing is still the best way to clean the barong. When washing Barong Tagalog made of Jusi or Pina, one mixes a calculated amount of detergent with water and mixes it thoroughly until the detergent is completely dissolved in the basin. Then soak the Barong Tagalog on one whole day or do it overnight. After this step, use a soft brittle toothbrush with a tiny amount of detergent to brush off the stubborn dirt on the Barong Tagalog especially on collar, underneath the cuffs, arm holes, etc. and then rinses it with an upward and downward motion on water. However, hand-embroidered Barong Tagalog should not be scrubbed. A cardinal rule when one rinses the Barong Tagalog, one does not squeeze nor twist the fabric. Drip it dry by laying it flat so it will not create too much crease. The less sunlight for the Barong Tagalog , the better to avoid discoloration. One must iron the Barong Tagalog while it is still damp in a moderate heat to retain its original shape.

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