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Make Your Communications Easier With Teleconference VoIP Software

   By: Jon Butt

One of the most talked about communications tools of today, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) makes it possible for you to make a call from anyplace so long as you have a broadband connection, making it well-suited for traveling.

Teleconference VoIP software can make a teleconference more productive and run more smoothly, as the software has features that will provide teleconference participants with more flexibility and interactivity. VoIP web conferencing may also be among the features provided by a typical VoIP software vendor.

Learning More About What VoIP Can Bring To Your Company

Most traditional phone companies charge extra for additional features. However, these features usually come with the VoIP software. VoIP software features include caller ID, call waiting, and call transfer. The VoIP software also allows for repeat dialing, return call, and three-way dialing. For conferencing, you might need separate conferencing software, but there are many available teleconferencing VoIP software solutions available, some of them also offering web VoIP conferencing.

Some VoIP service providers provide advanced call filtering features that allow you to decide how to handle your outgoing calls based on the caller ID. These software features include forwarding the call to a different number or a voice mail. Software features also allow you to give the caller a busy signal or play a "not-in-service" message.

In addition, some VoIP service providers allow you to check your voice mail over the internet or attach messages to e-mail sent to your computer or PDA. When signing up for a VoIP service account, be sure to check out the VoIP features included in the package and how much the VoIP service costs.

Among the cost-saving benefits that come with VoIP technology is the ease of maintenance, as only one network has to be maintained instead of two. The portability of the phone system is simplified, and VoIP system configuration can be performed using a web interface.

With a VoIP system, multiple offices in different locations can share many VoIP features, such as one single receptionist, auto attendant facilities, and voice mail system.

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