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   By: Doug C. Grant

(I wrote this article shortly before the Attack on
America. Although it was originally intended to deflect
rude e-mails and letters, the sense of it has become much
larger in scope. I am in no way suggesting that terrorists
attacking this country should be allowed to escape justice.
I for one feel we should go after these people with every
resource at our command. But trying to fight hate with
hatred will only multiply the evil. And it is guaranteed to
bring unwanted effects back on both individuals and our
country. Read the following article with that context in


You know the feeling.

You've been wronged. Or think you've been wronged. Same

You sit down at the computer and pound out an angry,
scathing denunciation of the person, their company, their
ancestry and their ethics. You insult everything about them
except their looks. And that's probably because you never
met them.

With a single keystroke or a first class stamp, your
damming missile is on the way.

Satisfied that you have put another idiot in their place
and proven to the world that you're a person who can't be
messed with, you treat yourself to a cup of coffee.

But instead of coffee, you better be looking over your
shoulder and running like hell. You have just sent out a
barrage of 'boomerang' words. They will return. Guaranteed.
And they will sting you with multiplied ferocity.

Sometimes the words themselves return. But generally they
come back in unrecognizable forms. It may be a health
problem...loss of a setbacks...or something
you consider to be just plain bad luck.

Now don't turn me off. I'm not preaching philosophy or
religion...although the Bible states this same law over and
over. And it is a law. YOUR ANGRY WORDS WILL RETURN...AND
YOU WILL BE STUNG. This law is in operation at all times no
matter what you believe and you ignore it at your own peril.

Of course, you can use the same law to your advantage.
Your good words...kind words...encouraging words...helpful
words, will also return. And they have the ability to bless
the socks off of you.

Don't bother trying to test this law. It's too difficult
because the fulfillment of the law is often unrecognizable.

You can send out a million kindly words with little
evidence of a return. But then one day, you may discover
how right your world has become. You feel good. Things are
going wonderfully well. You may not be able to relate what
is happening with your good words but the connection will
be there.

However, there is one thing you can test. Go ahead and
write that hostile, rude and angry letter. Send it. Then
ask yourself how you feel.

Next, write an encouraging note to someone you don't know.
Perhaps a congratulations for an accomplishment or a well-
written article. Now, ask yourself again, how do you feel?
Which of the two feelings would you like to take into
tomorrow? Which feeling do you think will have the most
positive effect on your future.

Think about that the next time you decide to send out
words with a sting. Do you really want to be stung in
return...because you will be. It's a law of life.

Doug C. Grant is founder & trainer of the WRITE-ON SUCCESS
SQUAD, interacting with business people to help improve
their communication skills. Free details are available by
autoresponder at: or by
visiting his website at:

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