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Stun Gun Cat Food Robotic Shocker

   By: Lance Winslow

Does you neighbors cats conveniently come to your house for an extra meal, stealing your own cat's food? Damn those neighborhood cats anyway. It costs a lot to buy cat food and God knows you do not need to be buying food for all the neighborhood cats too, especially with your strapped budget with these Outrageous Fuel Prices. Three dollars a gallon; forget you me!

If the neighbors cats eat $5.00 per week of your “Fluffy's Food” that is a cost of over $260.00 per year. You could talk to your neighbors about this problem and tell them to mind their own cat. But everyone knows cats do not listen, they basically own the place and think they are entitled to follow suit like the New Orleans Looters after the Hurricane Katrina? If you had a cat TV, well they would probably walk off with that too. To prevent neighborhood looting cats from your house, you need RoboCat with the AttackCat Sun Gun option, not enough to kill the neighbors cat, as it is born of DARPA non-lethal technology for Department of Homeland Security violent protestor crowd control and police use. But this technology will let the thieving neighborhood cat know whose yard they are in and believe you me, they will not be wondering back in anytime soon.

This is just one way that robotics can help your budget and allow you more freedom, a higher standard of living and a greater quality of life. Think about it.

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