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A Leadership Message For Ordinary Workers

   By: Dadang Kadarusman

When I was young, I met a farmer in his farmland. He pointed one of his workers and told me that this person would be a supervisor in the future. I asked him: why? He showed me the difference between this worker compared to others. Few years later, that person was promoted as the farmer said.

Later in my life, I comprehend the heart of the message the farmer submitted to me. It was actually not to simply proving a prediction, but to find distinguishing factors about; what causing someone become a supervisor, while other people still become ordinary workers for years long, so that they never get any better positions, or higher payments.

The questions would be: why there are so many workers who have never been promoted to be a supervisor? What about being a supervisor of supervisors? Isn't it true that the higher the position is, the more people to be led under its leadership path? Means that, if you want to be a top executive, there is no other way than to be able to lead other leaders. The higher the position you aim, the stronger your leadership must be. For that reason, you must continuously sharpen your leadership strength more and more, again and again. Consistently. But before you jump up to that huge project, first you must comprehend-well to the foundation of the leadership itself. So read, digest and crystallize this in your mind: “The very first foundation of leadership is: Self-reliant”.

Means that if you really want to cultivate a strong leadership characteristic within you, in order to take you to be a future leader, then you must be first have a good self-reliant. Someone who has willingness to do his job, even if there is no superior observing and showing it, oftentimes become a big boss later on. A leader does not require others to race his performance consistently up and productive. A leader surely is not the one who handles his task well only if there is someone observe or supervise him, nor the one who must be taught about this and that by his superior. A leader, is the one who always be ready to climb to the peak of his performance, without concerning whether there is other ordering him to do that, or not.

It also indicates that leadership is a very personal attitude. Because, we know that no one can grow this attitude within you, except you, yourself. The only one who can develop leadership characters in you is, you.

Does a “leader” always occupy important position in the company? CEO is important position. Middle Management is also important. Say anyone having a high-level of position you know in your workplace: they are altogether important. But, they cannot do anything without front liner staffs executing their business concepts. They will not be able to yield anything without people like you. They need you. You – no matter what the position you hold this time is - are the most important element for the company where you work.

Therefore, leadership is not in a direct correlation to one's job level. Because, managerial title or position is “not the other word for leadership.” Hence, no matter what your position or employment level is, you are now on the right position to show your leadership capabilities. And you, may be the future leader!

Dadang Kadarusman. Known as an expert of inspirational storyteller. His stories are based on natural phenomena that makes a huge different from other stories. He helps others through his inspirational seminars, trainings and workshops, based on natural phenomena that he successfully learned, by blending it with eastern philosophies and life wisdoms. He facilitates others to learn secrets conveyed by nature to make people strong, happy, alive, motivated, tough, unbreakable, and enchanted. To see his work on inspirational book writing, please visit:

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