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Christmas Gifts In 2005 And The Retail Season

   By: Lance Winslow

With higher fuel prices at the pump the average Middle Class American family is now spending over $100 per week for gasoline. This means that any discretionary family monies they had for things like going to the movies, going out for dinner or buying Christmas gifts will be affected. It is estimated that this Retail Christmas Season will not be totally down and out, but that it is not going to break any World Speed Records and it certainly will not look like a NASCAR race whizzing thru the malls this year.

Many retailers are taking a very focused approach and will concentrate on their steady buying groups, while attracting others to their stores with substantial discounts on specialty gift type items. If you will recall last year when Wal-Mart had flat panel displays for the TV for only $199.00 and computer systems for $499.00 with rebates. You will see more of that sort of strategy from the bigger box stores this year and lines of folks waiting to buy such cost plus almost lost leader items this way.

This year consumers will be carefully strategizing their purchases too, finding information online, learning all about it and using this technique on many of their Christmas Gifts. They will also be careful to hit many stores in one day to save the gasoline in their mini-vans, SUVs and even compact cars, which cost $36.00 dollars minimum to fill up. This year it will be about saving money, watching the sales and strategic buying. Think on this.

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