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White Sun - Punishment In Hell

   By: Teow Aun Chew

There is a type of punishment in Hell which I would like to disclose here because it is a very common problem in the world. May this disclosure help to wake up those who are caught in this situation at present and the punishment is the forcing of inserting iron pins into the mouth. Let's hear the confessions of the suffering souls:

1st Soul: When I was alive, I had the gift of the gap. My eloquence was so impressive that everybody liked to hear me. I was also quite beautiful. Even after my marriage, many male folks used to chase after me. Once a man fell head over heals in love with me. Seeing that he was a rich man, with my flexible tongue I told him that my husband did not care very much for me; would he therefore take care of me? Eventually there were many intimacies between us, because I was endowed with a pliable tongue, I tried to get as much money from him as I could. After I had obtained what I wanted, I changed tactics. Every now and then I used sharp words to offend and attack him. He felt much insulted and not looking to the future, took the short cut and committed suicide. I found out (only after my death) that this chap after he died had complained to Hades about me. The Chief of Hades told him that because I, being a woman, was so sinful, he was at liberty to take revenge. When I was still alive, his soul constantly came and wrapped round my body making my health run down, falling sick every now and then and after 7 years of this mental torture, I died. Then both our souls confronted each other in front of "Wang Si Cheng" (the City of those who die unnatural deaths). The man, because he had affairs with me, a married woman, had to suffer for his sins, whereas I was sentenced to be punished in the various Tribunals until I reached this "Sixth Tribunal" when "Bian Cheng Wang" scolded me saying that my mouth was dirty and cheated people. He sentenced me to have iron pins forced into my mouth, causing me great pain.

2nd Soul: I was a well-educated man when I was living. I was able to quote idioms and proverbs readily. When speaking to my friends and relatives, I was able to convince them to my way of thinking, even though the statement was actually inaccurate. I often talked to them on heretical doctrines and quoted the sayings of Sages to slander people. When I died "Bian Cheng Wang" said, "You did not use the sayings of Sages to tell people to do good, but by twisting the quotations, you cheated them; you used your mouth to do harm, therefore, I sentenced you to have spiked iron pin cushion forced into your mouth to punish it." Now I am suffering because although I have a mouth, I cannot utter a word.

3rd Soul: When I was alive, I had some money which I lent others at high rates of interest. Those who had difficulty in paying the interest regularly, I had interest added to the principal amount borrowed and charged compound interest on the new amount, thus getting a lot of money. In the case of those who were not able to pay anything, I employed loafers to confront them. When I died, "Bian Cheng Wang" said that because I had lived on high interest rates, (like blood sucking), now coming to this Prison, the iron pins have to be forced into my mouth causing me so much suffering. I now realize my past sins but too late to repent.

"Bian Cheng Wang" is the Emperor of the Sixth Tribunal in the Underworld. In the Book "Journeys to the Underworld", fully hosted up in my website, there are all kinds of sins being punished there. They are real stories of those living in the world and after death now suffering there under severe punishment.

Author: T.A Chew

T.A Chew had witnessed many manifestations of suffering in the Underworld in the temple of Tao of Heaven. This article revealing the confessions of the suffering soul is not a story. It is with the hope that those who are facing the same situation can rectify them quickly. Website:

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