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History Of Thanksgiving And The 1621 Harvest Feast

   By: Lance Winslow

Many people have heard about the history of Thanksgiving in the First New England Colony. It was very cold those first few years and the Mayflower Passengers were trying to get ready for the hard winters ahead. Luckily thanks to the men like Edward Winslow (my ancestor) and William Bradford (also my ancestor) and their leadership they were able to keep the group alive and made it through those first very tough winters. This is where the first Thanksgiving concept came from. But did you it wasn't until much later in 1621 after the harvest that the Pilgrims held a feast. It was not called Thanksgiving, but this is where the concept came from. In fact it was not an annual event like it is today at all.

The Mayflower Passengers and Pilgrims did give thanks indeed as they were very into their religion, but for them giving thanks of any kind would have been done by fasting not over indulging? Are you looking for a reason to go on a diet this Thanksgiving Season? Well, you have one now and just think a skinner you is on the horizon. The fable of the annual Thanksgiving Feast comes from the writings of my two ancestors as they kept very good journals, which is a blessing for historians. Thanks to William Bradford and Edward Winslow my ancestors and their excellent account of the feast we were all able to recreate this into a Holiday for all Americans. I am proud to be a descendent of both men;

During the 1621 Harvest Feast they did invite the Indians (90 of them) we do know that and they may or may not have had an actual Turkey, if they did they would have BBQ'ed it or roasted it and we know they had to have eaten outside, as there were a ton of people at the event and those houses were really small.

Historians are pretty sure that there were pumpkins, pie, bread, wine and probably birds such as ducks, geese and perhaps turkeys although we just don't know that for sure. There was venison, which was brought by the Tribal Leaders for all. The feast lasted three days and this is what makes it so memorable. It has been a pleasure to help you understand what great men these were and how the Colony helped start this great nation from scratch. Think on this.

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