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Choosing Self Publishing?

   By: Leon Chaddock

Self publish is a lot of work. With that said you can not complain later that we didn't warn you. While there are many advantages to self publishing, it is also quite a long way from being easy or less stressful. Yet, the good far outweighs the bad. As the author, you can publish your books as you see fit and you will always have the final say. But, as an author, you also need to realize that most of the financial, marketing, and inventory of the books will fall onto your shoulders in self publishing.

In this type of publishing set up, you, as the author, will be the one that is responsible for developing the books, designing the layout and even working to come up with the cover and illustrations. Then, it will be up to you to have them printed as well. In many cases, you will need to foot this bill yourself. Next, you'll need to market the book yourself so that those that it would interest will know that it is there. Some self publishing authors have no inventory and print the books only as they have an order for them. Nonetheless, basically all aspects of the publish fall to your shoulders.

Yet, this is an amazing experience. You are able to have complete freedom to do as you like with your book. No publisher will be involved telling you what the layout of the book should be or what the cover needs to look like. And, with all the advances in printer equipment for the average PC, not to mention the many locations that you can go and get the book printed, you can take care of virtually all aspects yourself successfully. So, self publishing may be hard, but it can be well worth it in the end.

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