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Networking Your Way To Profit, Part 5: More Business Cards Advice For Start-Ups

   By: Carol Bentley

Don't you just hate it when someone gives you some great advice about what to put on your business cards… just after you've had a batch printed!

Here's how you can get around that problem…

In my article; “Networking Your Way to Profit: Part 3: Your Hidden Marketing Opportunity”, I explained how the back of your business card is your ideal place to include your marketing message. Of course if you've just had your cards printed – with nothing on the back – you have a dilemma.

Do you throw your newly printed cards away and get some more done (expensive, perhaps?)

Or do you keep the advice in mind for the next batch to be printed and hope that in the meantime you don't lose any business opportunities when you hand your existing cards out?

An alternative is to print your marketing message on transparent labels and affix these to the reverse of your cards before handing them out at business meetings. And the additional advantage is you can change your marketing message for the prospective business people attending the meeting.

Include in your Marketing Message Label:

* Your marketing message: a single sentence describing what you offer.
* Testimonial(s) from happy clients/customers
* Key benefits you deliver

©2005 Original Work by Carol Bentley

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