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Used Car Lemon Law - What Is It?

   By: Matthew Henderson

What is a Used Car Lemon Law? Essentially, Used Car Lemon Laws provide some legal recourse for consumers who happen to buy a “lemon” of an auto. You are guaranteed a written warranty that specifically states that a dealer must repair any problems or defects in the car or reimburse you for the cost of the repairs. If the car cannot be repaired, you are entitled to a refund.

Lemon cars which are essentially cars that are covered by the lemon law cannot be sold “as is” which does not imply a warranty. Remember, a dealer who sells or leases you a used car must provide you with a written warranty that specifies the terms or sell the car “as is” which essentially means consumer beware. If the vehicle is covered by a warranty, it must be given to you prior to or at the signing of a sales contract or lease.

Locating the History of a Lemon

It isn't easy for a car to escape its past. To be able to establish the fact that your car or truck is a lemon, you can research your car or truck's history on the internet at CARFAX. By supplying your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a vehicle report will indicate the vehicle's maintenance records for the particular vehicle. Furthermore, it is important to keep copies of all vehicle repair statements and invoices in the event that you need to provide additional evidence that your car is indeed a “lemon.”

One way to prevent surprises such as these is to research a car or truck you are interested in buying prior to making the purchase. Researching the car or truck's VIN on CARFAX will indicate past maintenance problems, title, registration, and odometer information revealing your car's history.

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