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Dog Clothes: Fashion Vs. Function

   By: Grant Carroll

These days, dog clothes have become popular items among dog owners, but are they really necessary or completely frivolous? The answer depends on several factors including the type of dog clothing and its purpose. In the case of Halloween or Christmas costumes, the dog clothes obviously exist solely for the enjoyment of the owner and other dog lovers and not for the dog's benefit. However, when winter hits, even the experts agree that dogs need extra protection from the cold.

Dr. Bruce Fogle, author of several dog books, says "Small dogs and delicate breeds with thin single coats may need additional protection from the winter rain and cold." For this purpose a quality small dog sweater can be very beneficial to small breeds like Chihuahuas that lose heat quickly and easily. Many people say they disagree with the idea of dressing up dogs, but as it has been proven there, many times dog clothes, i.e. dog sweaters serve a necessary function besides making dogs look cute.

Another popular item to buy among dog owners is an accessory. Just like dog clothing, the usefulness of an accessory depends on its purpose. For instance, a bandanna is not going to be of use to a dog, but booties can be. City dwellers know that when winter weather ices over the sidewalks, rock salt is poured out by the bag. The problem with rock salt is that it can cause a dog's feet to bleed and the salt itself can get in the wound and cause further irritation. Booties solve this problem and are easier to use than reapplying wax. Even Dr. Fogle says that "if winter is particularly harsh where you live, you could consider insulated boots for your dog." So, if you're having reservations about getting your best friend some dog clothes, just remember the benefits they are going to get.

Grant Carroll proud father of three dogs and co-owner of with Dog Clothes and Small Dog Sweaters. Visit Elizabeth Austin to find Wholesale Dog Clothes and Wholesale Pet Supplies

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