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7 Top Fashion Tips

   By: Sheila Dicks

1. What you wear under your clothes is just as important as the clothes you wear. Bras or panties that are too small or tight will create bulges; as well, underwear that is worn out will not give correct amount of support creating a sagging look. To look fabulous on the outside you have to wear the right undergarments.

2. Don't draw attention to an asset if it exposes a bad one. For example, if you have a small waist and large hips you might like to wear belts to show off your tiny waist. A belt will draw attention to the difference between your waist and hips and make your hips appear larger. A better solution is to wear shaped tops that flow over the waist.

3. When you update your wardrobe at the beginning of a season have needed repairs done on your shoes. Also, remove clothes from your closet need mending or altering and get them ready for the coming season.

4. Thin fabrics like crepe, linen or wool jersey fall better and are more slimming than wool tweed or suede.

5. Don't shop for an outfit the same day to have to wear it to an important event. You could end up with an outfit that just does not work and I don't need to tell you the stress shopping at the last minute or ending up with the wrong outfit will cause.

6. Proceed with caution when you choose a top, skirt or dress that is made from a clingy material. Stretchy, lyrca materials that are too tight will show bulges and bumps that can be easily hidden in a similar top, skirt or dress made from a heavier, different type knit.

7. A cardigan can be worn in place of a jacket if it looks great. A great cardigan fits well and keeps its shape. Don't wear cardigans to work that are stretched, or just plain worn out.

©2005 Sheila Dicks

Sheila Dicks is an Image and Wardrobe consultant who helps women feel more confident by dressing to suit their body type. To get tips on how to dress slimmer and find your best styles get a copy of her ebook “Image Makeover” at or go to to get the Free Report “ 7 Things Your Girlfriends Won't Tell You About Beauty and Fashion”.

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