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Unique Camping Gift Ideas For Christmas

   By: Richard Chapo

As November passes quickly, it is time to start thinking about buying Christmas gifts. Here's a primer on unique Christmas gift ideas for people who like to go camping.

Unique Camping Gifts

Camping enthusiasts love to get away from the rat race and just take in the majesty of Mother Nature. If you're shopping for a person that likes to go camping, here are a few unique camping gift ideas.

1. National Parks Pass – Some of the best camping locations are in the United States National Parks system. Yosemite, Glacier Park and so on provide simply stunning scenery and absolutely tremendous camping opportunities. The National Park Pass grants admission to all of the National Parks for one year. The National Parks Pass costs $49.99. 80 percent of the proceeds go to the preservation of the parks.

2. Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker – This cool little gadget lets you make ice cream on the fly while camping. In the form of a plastic ball, you simply add rock salt and ice to one end and provided ice cream to the other. Seal it up and start rolling it around like a soccer ball. Before you know it, you'll have ice cream. This very cool gadget will run you $30.

3. Fold Away Food Covers – While getting back to nature is a blast, insects become annoying. The Fold Away Food Covers act as a little tent you can put over food to keep the little buggers off. The covers fold up and easily stored making them the ideal camping accessories. Coghlan's covers are the best. You'll spend $5 or so for the covers, a very small price for keeping food insect free.

4. Nomad Camping Journals – A little self-promotion here. Nomad Camping Journals are compact writing journals that let campers keep notes and a record of their camping trips. Really great for creating a record of who was on the trip, how the trip went, other places to try and so on. The camping journals are great keepsakes for adults and something to do for kids during down times. As the trips add up over the years, you'll enjoy reading about past trips. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to see them and expect to pay $25 for the journal with case.

Camping is a great way to escape the chaos of daily life and provides plenty of gift buying ideas. Get out there and enjoy the world!

Rick Chapo is with - makers of writing journals for hiking, backpacking and camping. Writing journals are great Christmas gifts for him or her. Visit for more camping articles and stories.

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