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Congratulation Letter To Michael Jackson

   By: A.Z. Alfred

Dear Michael,

The purpose of my writing you is to congratulate you for your victory after fourteen weeks of life threatening trials.

For more than thirty years, you have affected generations of this planet and probably outside it with your inspirational and breathtaking lyrics. You have rose from being the little boy born in Indiana to the world most renowned and celebrated Hollywood artiste.

You, in your never-ending struggles, have carved a niche beyond human comprehension for yourself. You have become a demigod who sees the hearts of the children. You have also, in your best endeavors, stood like an idol for countless people, putting one thing that unites all human race on faces—a wide smile.

But like the famous O.J. Simpson who, ten years ago, was charged for murdering his wife but eventually acquitted, you were leveled with ten unwholesome charges including molesting a thirteen year old Cancer survivor, plying the boy with alcohol, conspiring to abduct and falsely imprisoning the child and his family.

And for fourteen weeks, I and millions around the globe followed with throbbing hearts and prayed that you would someday be free as the air you breathe. On the other end of the rope, the likes of Sneddon, the Santa Barbara District Attorney in the waiting crowd who wished your hard earn successes be washed down the drain, definitely had stories to tell. But fortunately, rather unfortunately for them, the tossed coin had favored you. Now they should be walking with their heads to the ground.

They could swim in the bottom of the sea for all I care.

As you walk home, from the Santa Maria Court not guilty of the ten charges leveled against you, do have a good sleep that would relieve your already faulty back. At least, you can now snore like a baby, not thinking of the deadly claws and sulfuric breathe of the demons wanting to gnaw at your successes and charitable heart nor taking aspirins to halt the continuous migraine bothering your creative mind.

But please, do not retire to your shell, conforming to the beauty and comfort of Neverland Ranch; rather saddle your white Stallion and ride again.

I, like billions out there, await your next album.

But before then, I shall take a day off from my busy schedule. I would sit on my chair, my legs stretched and crossed high up on my mahogany desk. I would not forget to sip red wine, red Bordeaux to be precise, as I listen to all your best selling songs sitting in my archive.

Lest I forget, do congratulate Thomas Mesereau (He was great) and many others, not forgetting the jury, who found you not guilty without whom you would have been serving twenty years in jail as your antagonists clink glasses.

Once again, congratulation and two thumbs up, buddy.

Yours Sincerely,
A.Z. Alfred

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About the Author

A.Z. Alfred is a writer and a motivational speaker whose greatest pleasure is observing the world through a window while listening to inspirational songs.

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