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Building Your Ideal Practice: From Creativity To Completion

   By: Jeff Herring

I've been blessed with a very creative mind.

I even have proof! I still have my little trophy from third grade when I won the "Most Creative" award.

Creativity - blessing and curse

For the most part, creativity is a blessing. The ability to look at something that has always been there and see something that has never been seen before is a lot of fun and helps with the bottom line.

At the same time, creativity can be a curse. Creativity is a curse when you get so caught in the excitement and high of being creative that you don't see anything through to completion.

You can go from lots of projects that are working to looking like the guy in the circus sideshow trying to keep all the plates spinning very quickly.

Creativity and completion

One of the best things my former father-in-law (is that the correct term) ever did for me was sit me down in his office in front of a big dry erase board.

He then drew a circle on the board and called it the business cycle. The business cycle begins at the top of the circle, or 12 o'clock if you will, and comes around full circle to 12 o'clock again. Beginning with an idea and ending with a cancelled check, that's a complete business cycle.

What I was able to see in this model is that I was getting bogged down half way thru the cycle and then going back and getting excited about another new idea.

When I learned to go from idea and excitement to cancelled check and completion, many things changed for me.

Many things can change for you as well when you follow the business cycle from creativity to completion.

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