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Want Free Money From The Government?

   By: Lance Winslow

Have you ever noticed that our civilization rewards schmucks and cheats rather than the best citizens? Have you ever noticed all the programs and the monies we spend to rehabilitate folks and how little we spend to reward those who do good and actually propel our nation forward?

If you want to get your fair share of free money from the government the easiest way is to do a crime, as there is lots of money available for druggies, criminals and other offenders in re-habilitation grants and federal funds. Let's reward the screw-ups of society shall we? Oh you find that statement offensive do you?

Don't believe me? Condemn my comments for a more politically correct clouded truth? I thought you would, as this is why this truth exists, because of bleeding heart liberals you see? If you don't like this article then vote on it with one star?

But if you do not believe what I say, well then go pick up Lesko's latest book on free-give-aways from our Government. You see this is your tax dollars at work thanks to the French Thinking Liberal Bleeding Hearts, who through their use of academia studies and research show it as the best policy for civilization.

Unfortunately France burned down in Riots and we need not base our strategy here on their utter failures, indeed we ought to do exactly the opposite you see? Think on this you liberal.

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