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Gas Boiler: Help! My Home Is Heated By (GASP) Hot Water Heated By Electric Boiler!

   By: Gil Strachan

Could you help me? My home is heated by (gasp) hot water heated by electric boiler. Where could I get a lead on a gas boiler that is not going to bust the bank. Can one be bought used? We already have gas service for our hot water heater and clothes dryer. We look forward to getting a gas range... but the most economic thing is to get that boiler changed. Is there a market for used electric boilers? Any advice or opinion will be appreciated. Thanks.

There are some options... (prices are only "ball park" and are dependant on the size of your house)

1. You could purchase a gas boiler and have it installed for $3500(+), or

2. There is a new type of gas water heater, which has a heat exchanger built-in, to provide heating water. These start at about $2800 and of course, this option might only be practical if your existing water heater is older, or rented - otherwise you'd have a used water heater to dispose of, as well as your electric boiler, or

3. You could rent either of the above for a lesser amount, the difference being recouped within your rental agreement.

4. If your electric unit is in good shape, it might be suitable for someone in a rural location, where there's no gas service available - but overall, they're not a popular item these days.

5. There's a slim chance that you might find a used gas boiler, but not the water heater combo-unit, as they are brand new on the market. Unfortunately, your electric unit cannot be retrofitted to gas.

6. Heating suppliers can give you more specific information on product lines and installed prices.

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