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Watch Your Language!

   By: Thea Westra

Here is a range of words that you could eliminate from your vocabulary altogether!

1. Try: Go ahead, try to pick up a pencil. Now, actually pick up the pencil. Notice that difference?

2. Should/Ought: Write yourself a list of 60 shoulds or oughts and feel how empowering that list is – not!

3. Want: Wanting is like wishing – there are only results or reasons. Are you going to take an action to reduce the gap between here and what you want? If not, discard the want.

4. But: “It's a lovely shirt but it has a tear” or “It's a lovely shirt and it has a tear”

Where else could you replace the word 'but' with the word 'and' so that you don't waste 50% of your speech?

5. Might/May: Might visit the dentist ~ May visit the dentist ~ Will visit the dentist. There's a distinct difference!

6. Can't: "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." (Henry Ford) "I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them." (Pablo Picasso).

I am certain that there is a myriad of words in our every day language that can be totally discarded or replaced with much more empowering terms. Listen to your speaking this week and send me a list of any that you've noticed weakening your perspective.

©Thea Westra is an international life coach who resides in Perth, Western Australia. She is editor and publisher of a free, monthly newsletter at Thea also publishes a few blogs, visit here for directional links to each.

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