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Christmas Gifts - How To Get Massive Discounts & Give Away Christmas Gifts For 12 Days Of Christmas

   By: Peter Lim

Christmas is the time of giving that comes once a year.Whether we are the young ones or the parents or grandparents, no matter where we live in, Christmas is the time when the meaning of giving in love is felt everywhere.

It is during Christmas that we dig deep into our pockets to give gifts and presents to our loved ones, and to friends and to missions, to spread the goodwill and the cheer.

For those who have more, we give away more. To those who have less and are financially challenged, we still find ways to give whatever we can, and feel good in the process. We can still give away a smile, give away our time to help someone in need and just give away our prayers for the well being of someone who need a touch from God.

As a good steward of our money, we would want to stretch our dollar during Christmas by deciding on the best gifts that we would like to give away, and obtaining them at the best prices. What can we actually give away, and where can we get these desired christmas gifts at heavily discounted prices?

We would truly be blessed if we can give away gifts for 12 days of Christmas! In any case, here are 12 wonderful gift ideas that you can think of to give away:

1. Travel Packages - Suggestion : Get a travel and tour package for your parents, or your grandparents. Locate the best travel package with board and lodging. Put a big wide smile on your parents or grandparents" faces. Don't worry- it won't burn a big hole in your pockets, as I will show you how to do it just a while later on.

2. Condo Vacation - Suggestion : Give away a condo vacation for your parents or grandparents or your grown up children to allow them to get away from it all- and to recharge their batteries, and be refreshed from a short holiday stay. Many condos' are well located, and have facilities that please!

3. Cruises - Suggestion : Give a surprise cruise holiday to your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend! Enjoy the high seas or the short river cruise, complete with lunch or dinner. Feel the sea breeze blowing against your face, and enjoy the tranquility of the wide expanse of the sea, and be close to Nature.

4. Airline Flights - Suggestion : Give away a flight ticket for that much talked about flight to somewhere that your children have been talking about but cannot afford. See the faces of your children lit up when they get the flight tickets.

5. DVD's - Suggestion : Buy a set of DVD's with exciting and entertaining music or movies to your loved ones. DVD's have a way to unite the family and keep everyone together to watch a DVD movie together or to enjoy the music.

6. Movie Tickets - Suggestion : Get a pack of movie tickets that your loved ones can use even long after Christmas is over. This gift is especially well received for those who love movies and music, and who doesn't like to go to movies, after all?

7. Dining - Suggestion : Book a dinner at a cosy or romantic place for your loved ones, whether it is a good friend or associate whom you wish to thank for a favor, or for someone special in your life whom you wish to show special appreciation for during Christmas! Be creative - go Chinese, go Italian, go Lebanese, go fusion food - scintillating menus' and unforgettable food!

8. Magazines - Suggestion : Buying a magazine subscription will ensure you will be remembered for 12 months of the year if it's a monthly magazine. Isn't that a lovely thought?

9. Softwares - Suggestion : There are lots of very useful softwares for the home user. Get a Will-Maker that someone can use to generate his or her own will. Get a software game that the children can enjoy playing. Give a software, like an anti-virus software that your friend will find useful and productive. The range of softwares is limitless!

10. MP3 Player - Suggestion : Give away a MP3 Player. These gadgets are very handy and trendy and useful to the younger ones. Give away a MP3 Player for the someone special who may benefit from listening to a MP3 Player while jogging, or doing something else or learning a new language.

11. VoIP International Calling - Suggestion : Do you know someone who is an internet marketer? The VoIP international calling is the perfect gift to let him network all around the world for free or at very low cost. Give this gift to help him expand his business worldwide. Low cost gift but brings in long term lasting benefits!

And finally,

12. Books on Love, Dating and Marriage - Suggestion : For the teenager, give a book on love, dating and marriage. Let the younger set learn these important things. If there is someone out there who needs just some help to liven up their marriage, give them a book or a ebook to help them along.

These are the 12 special Christmas gift ideas that you can gain inspiration to act upon.

But aren't these gifts high price items and very costly?

In the ordinary, perhaps they do!

But you can get these gifts at tremendous discounts and heavily rebated prices.

The way to secure these is to join a Rewards Club or Membership that secures gift vouchers or rewards vouchers that will enable you to access rewards that are supplied by sponsors. You apply the rewards instantly to the already lowest price available on hotels, condo vacations, cruises, airfare, dining, DVD movies, software, and a wide variety of other products and services.

Many offer discounts up to 25% on hotels, 75% discounts on magazines, or costs $1.74 for one DVD, $3.95 for original softwares...the list goes on and on!

Best of all, most memberships are low, around $15.00 and you get somewhere like ten times in value of rewards vouchers, so that your $15.00 is stretched to over $150.00, as an example.

There you are! For this Christmas, you have 12 excellent christmas gift ideas and one way to source them for fantastic discounts and stretch your christmas dollar all along the way.

Spread the cheer, spread the goodwill and you will find it so much blessed to receive joy in return for giving away gifts to your loved ones and friends.

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner and a Marketing Strategist. He has more Christmas Gift ideas on his website "Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones" at and reveals how to access an exciting Rewards Membership program on his blog at to get massive discounts for these christmas gifts.

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