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Making The Most Of Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Online

   By: Michael Holmes

Tired of your old helmet? Fancy a spanking new cheap motorcycle helmet? Thought about buying one online but not sure what you'll get? Fear not! Biker Mike to the rescue, that Champion of cheap motorcycle helmets, the doyen of shiny lids, the man who put the “Brain” in Brain Buckets, is here to help!

Well I may be getting a little carried away, but permit me to offer a few simple guidelines that will help make your online search for a cheap motorcycle helmet a whole lot easier…

Tip number one
Don't buy online. Well not if it's your first helmet anyway. It's just too risky. The first motorcycle helmet you buy should definitely be purchased from a store or at least from some place you can try it on and (pay attention, this is the important bit) wear it for at least ten minutes. OK, I can already hear you guys who picked up the first helmet they saw, put it on, and fits you like a glove, blah, blah, blah. I guarantee for every man or woman like that there are probably half a dozen who bought a cheap motorcycle helmet without even taking it out of the box before they got home, and were out buying another motorcycle helmet that actually fitted them properly the following weekend! Let me repeat, if you are buying your first helmet, go to a reputable store, I promise you they will let you try the lids on before you buy. If they don't, go to the next store. Find one that is comfortable, and stick with it, at least for a while. However once you've found one you are comfortable with take a look at…

Tip number two
You've found a motorcycle helmet that fits you that you are comfortable with. Now take a look online. You will probably find the exact same helmet, somewhere on the net, probably 20-30% cheaper. I don't care what anyone says, thats a cheap motorcycle helmet! And just the job for a spare! Well you've got more that one pair of shoes haven't you? And, particularly if you are a commuter, having a spare helmet makes sense doesn't it? And you start to get a feel of what you can confidently buy online. Great! Now move on to …

Tip number three
Spend a weekend trying on as many different helmets as you can. Make a note of the styles and sizes. Remember the helmet sizing charts differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Go with a friend; take some digital photos of the helmets. Get as much information as you can. You are now prepared to really take advantage of the cheap motorcycle helmets available online with…

Tip number four
Check out the closeout deals available on motorcycle helmets. This is where you will find some unbelievable deals. Your favourite rider has moved teams? That's a shame, but not if you want a fantastic helmet at a giveaway price. It is amazing how cheap motorcycle helmets can become just because they are painted in last seasons colours!

I could go on and on about the deals to be had, but I won't. Just make sure you do your homework, and that top of the range helmet could be yours at a cheap motorcycle helmet price!

Michael Holmes is a enthusiast for all thing motorcycle. His website, Motorcycle Parts, Accessories and More, is a great resource of articles aimed at motorcyclists of all levels, and includes a page specifically about the cheap motorcycle helmets available online.

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