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Solid State Hard Drives - They Will Replace Our Existing Hard Drives - When?

   By: Charles West

Finally - and yes possibly because of mp3 players and the continuing development of such - the cost of Solid State computer memory is dropping.

Camera memory cards or sticks as some people call them are very well priced and readily available, you can now get up to 2gb, and in some cases 4gb units depending on the brand and type of card you require, USB flash/pen drives can now be bought in up to 2gb and no doubt higher in the near future.

This is where it gets interesting, you can now buy solid state, hard drives of up to 4gb which work on the same NAND flash chip technology as used on the solid state MP3 players like the iPod Nano and Sandisc M200. This NAND flash memory is available in units that fit directly into your computers standard IDE ATA interface socket, saving you space with no cables to get in the way and other designs will slot along side or below your existing hard drives and wire into your IDE ATA slots with your standard cables.

Both of these units are designed to work in very demanding conditions as they have no moving parts like your existing hard drives, with advantages including a faster data access and transfer rate, a lower power consumption and no noise.

Main Features of these units:
- Fully Compatible With IDE Interface
- Complies with Standard ATA Interface
- No noise
- No Seek Error
- Very high Shock Resistance
- No Latency Delay
- Low Power Consumption
- Highest Product Quality and Fastest data access
- Error Correction and Wear Leveling
- Extended Product life (excess of 3-million hours of - operation)
- Industry Standard interfaces
- Plug-in adaptation without proprietary connections
- Densities from 16MB to 4GB+
- Factory OS Format: use Out-of-the-Box, just add applications/code
- Extended Temperature Range

These Solid state - NAND type - Hard drives are another part of our future - today. To learn more and checkout the specifications follow this link to Solid State Hard drives

© Copyright 2005, Charles West, all rights reserved.

Charles West sells Technology products (cameras, DVD's, sound systems and of coarse MP3 players etc) for a retailer. Over the last couple of years he has developed and In the process he has learnt many aspects about 'The Web' and all its variables, come accross many products, some good some not so good. The good ones are worth telling people about, so have a read there is always something new.

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