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When Marketing Liars Get Caught -- And What You Should Be Doing Instead

   By: Craig Garber

Ever see an ad and just "sense" that it's an outright lie? Or maybe even more frustrating, ever write an ad yourself, and feel you can't make your sales pitch accurately "unless" you're lying?

Don't worry, because I'm going to tell you exactly how to deal with this so you can put your broken conscience back together again and eliminate all that angst you're carrying around with you.

Listen to this:

Not surprisingly, a little while ago, three well-known, household-brand companies, were nailed for false advertising.

Here, check this out:

Apple got in trouble for making false claims about the life of the battery inside the iPod. They said the battery would last for the life of the iPod, and that you got 10 straight hours of playing time on it.

I own an iPod, and I can tell you, neither of these claims are true.

Gillete got spanked in the rear for saying the M3Power razor made the hairs on your face stand up for easy shaving.

And you don't need to be a dermatologist to figure out that's impossible.

And good old Tropicana was busted because they claimed their "Healthy Heart" orange juice lowered blood pressure and cholseterol, reducing your risk of getting a heart attack and a stroke.

And everyone knows that can't be true, because the pharmaceutical companies would immediately shut down ANYTHING that competed with their drugs that lower your blood pressure and your high cholesterol.

Oddly enough though, the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making, is their reluctance to telling the truth in their sales copy, specifically when it comes to touting themselves or their own accomplishments.

For example, yesterday I was reviewing a client's sales copy, and the client's biggest flaw was in not credentializing himself ENOUGH.

I'm not sure if he felt a little "awkward" by boasting... or if he was just a little bashful, but the truth is, once you put a product out there -- especially if you're selling information products -- you're now THE expert.

So step up to the plate and assert yourself -- your prospects are looking for your guidance, and for your leadership -- if you're reluctant to give it to them, and if you don't stand up and start leading them, they'll be just as reluctant to drink from your well.

And even more reluctant to buying from you.

After all, think about it -- would you accept medical care from a physician who was unsure of themselves, or who was uncomfortable letting you know about all his experience and credentials?

And let's make it even more mundane: Would you rather use the newest pest control company in town or the one who told you they've been eliminating bugs for the last 15 years and only three times, did they have to go out and re-treat the home?

So don't hold back. Let your prospects know how good you are, and then some. You'll only make them feel better about their relationship with you and reduce potential buyers remorse.

Now go sell something,

If you want to know how to consistently attract a steady stream of fresh new prospects, who are pre-qualified, eager, and excited about buying from you, then Craig Garber -- recognized by his peers as America's Top Direct-Response Copywriter -- can show you exactly how to do this, step-by-step. Garber's written winning promotions across a HUGE variety of industries and you can see them all for yourself on his website at

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