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Learn All About Texas

   By: Tom Strayhorn

The facts out about Texas are very interesting. In addition you can find a good selection of Texas maps on line using the search words Texas State map. This is state is packed with a lot of history!

The capital city of Texas is Austin. With a population of 20,044,141 Texas is a great place to meet cowboys. One would wonder how many tourist have traveled Texas in hopes of meeting a real cowboy.

The nickname for Texas is the Lone Star State. Is it called because of the vast distances between its borders. These boundaries cover a total of 262,015 sq miles of land Texas borders Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Texans like to claim that they are the largest state but really they are the second largest state, Alaska being the largest.

The Texas motto is friendship which is based on a word used by the Caddo Indians meaning friends. Expressions like howdy can be heard from one corner of the state to the other and not just by cowboys and cowgirls. The Texans are a mighty friendly group that live in 254 counties covering from the Gulf of Mexico to the plains and the mountains. You will not find a friendlier or more interesting group of folks.

All the modern conveniences you will ever need can be found in the large cities like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso and the capital Austin. Texas’s large cities have one advantage over other large cities because they have maintained that wild west charm from an era gone by. There are also many historical sites found all over Texas. And there is never any worry about finding the true nature of Texas and its residents. The wild west is in their blood.

Did you know that a Virginian Sam Houston was president of the Republic of Texas for two separate terms? Houston was president from 1836 to 1838 then from 1841to 1844. He also was governor of the state of Texas from 1859 to 1861.

Did you know that José Antonio Navarro the signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and one of the founders of the Constitution of the Republic, was a Texas native? He was born in San Antonio in 1795. Navarro also served in the Republic of Texas Congress and the Constitutional Convention in 1845. Navarro County was named in his honor.

The first Congress of the Republic of Texas convened in October 1836 at Columbia which is now known as West Columbia.

Texas history is as big as their Texan hats. Texas has a wealth of history including the last battle of the civil war of America. You could spend a life time looking at all the historical sites in Texas.

So why not come explore one of the greatest states in the U.S.A. Facts out about Texas can be found on the internet. Start planning your visit and find out why we are the friendly state

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Tom Strayhorn is one of the few real cowboys left so why not saddle up and come visit him at Cowboys-n-Campfires

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