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How To Get Rid Of Your Ego!

   By: Hans Bool

“Sometimes I can really hate myself. I'm showing off again.” Sounds familiar? It does to me. And I know that being a good consultant the only thing you basically need to do is to listen.

How can you be a good listener?

Your ego is your life-time-partner. A shadow that is hanging over you and you cannot punish. You have to live with him (or her). What you could do is start writing. Either publicly, like here at ezinearticles or private, keeping a dairy or something else.

All that you have written, you do not have to tell anymore. You have said it once and that should be enough. If people like it they can rate your article, if they do not bother, they won't. So your knowledge was not that important.

I know for myself that I can appear arrogant to others. But what I want others to do is to listen to what I'm telling. And the more I talk, the less important does it seem all together. And that is when I can start listening.

If you have experienced this, you also know that you should listen to others. Everybody has an interesting story to tell, but they give up in the moment. There are so many of us that shout and want attention.

I think that what ever market is inefficient. And so is the market of communications. Those who talk all the time, should listen more and those who are afraid to communicate their ideas are undervalued for the wrong reasons. Stand up for yourself.

I will continue to write. But only to make time to listen.

© 2005 Hans Bool / Astor White

Astor White. Committed to your management issues. On a distance. We will prove to you that we can listen.

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