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Ways That YOU Can Combat Terrorism

   By: Cathy Garger

Calming anxiety related to the latest terrorist threat warnings

With this week's news of strong and growing concern of possible attacks by al Qaeda on the US and abroad, it requires us to face our fears and come to grips with our anxiety. After all, highly successful people don’t react to life, but rather deliberately and purposely fashion their thoughts to their advantage. Fear is not beneficial for success.

Yet, with numerous explosions overseas in the past few months and the latest warnings of possible 9/11-style strikes for later this summer, we’ve come to realize that terrorism is an ongoing reality. In the many terrorist acts (and attempts) in our post- 9/11 world, we acknowledge that those who wish us harm are not just going to go away (at least not anytime soon). And whether the national security terrorist threat level is orange or yellow, the ever-present threat of an attack on US citizens is real. The fact remains that while the terrorist movement has reportedly been weakened by the capture of many key al Qaeda leaders, new leaders are being recruited and trained as we speak. Like it or not, terrorists are here to stay.

As Americans we have a choice to make about how to deal with these ongoing threats. One option is to do as our political advisers suggest and be extra vigilent yet still go on about our normal lives. We can decide to continue going about "life as usual" and not allow terrorist-related fear to take over our lives. Or, by obsessing over the new hijack warnings on the news every 15 minutes around the clock, we can allow terrorists play with our emotions and overwhelm us. If we give in to fear, we will further destroy our economy, and change the way we live. Americans believe too much in freedom, however, to let the terrorists win in their attempts to destroy our way of life.

I have discovered a website that focuses on combating terrorism, called Citizen Warrior. Located at:, I have been inspired to learn what we ~ ordinary citizens ~ can do to fight terrorism. While becoming an ally in the war against terror may conjure up visions of learning to operate artillery in foreign deserts, it simply means that each one of us can do something to prevent terrorists from winning. We can make sure they don’t win by refusing to give in to the fear they relish creating.

Fighting terrorism is a choice we each can make, and if it is our collective desire, we can become victorious. Start with your family’s travel. You can carry forth with your travel plans and take your family to Disney world, Disneyland, or the Empire State Building. You can come up with ideas that can help thwart terrorists even in the smallest ways, and share those ideas with others.

In addition, you can continue to patronage places of business and spend money as usual. No doubt the terrorists are enjoying our sagging economy, and lack of confidence in consumer confidence in spending and investing. But by showing our strength as a nation, and going about “life as usual,” we will not allow those who wish us harm to win the war on fear.

And to quote Adam Khan, (The Original Citizen Warrior, if there ever was one): “There is at least one place you can share your solutions.” Be sure to visit the Citizen’s Warrior website to get more ideas. You could link here to the Ideas Page on CW

About the Author

Cathy Garger is a Personal Certified Coach and writer who specializes in women's success and happiness. With a B.S. in Psych and strong positivity, Cathy's high-energy and humor keeps her clients smiling and motivated.

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