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Real Estate Investors Get In The Game

   By: Bill Carey

The time is now, it is always now yesterday was lost opportunities and tomorrow will be today's lost opportunity. There are investor opportunities all over the country in land, residential, multi family, and commercial properties. Get a good agent work with them and make offers.

•Your Real Estate Agent – If you can't or won't make a decision when presented with solid real estate opportunities you may want to do something else. No or Yes is a decision, maybe and not sure is B.S. Your agent is picking up deals, the agents other investors are doing deals what about you? Why should your agent be expected to hang out with you driving around looking at houses working up CMA's researching tax and title information if there is no end in site? This is a business for the agents and the investors who are doing this business.

•Real Estate Investor – Calling yourself investor weather part time or full time actually requires more than business cards and a phone number. Investors put deals together they talk a little get the information they need and move forward. Always having their eyes and ears open ready for any opportunity to present itself. They create opportunities where none seem to exist they are constantly looking and are ready.

•Pretender Investors - Pretenders talk a lot about everything they want to do or are going to do. They research, research and research things to death. They read, listen to tapes or CD's, and go to seminars over and over until they can actually make the presentation themselves. Knowledge is required but continually trying to reinvent the knowledge gets in the way of doing. Pretenders wonder why real estate agents won't work with them. They must research every deal even the ones they know are bad before making any decision and need to see 10 houses every Saturday morning. Pretenders are not doers but they do like to hang out and talk.

•Be a Deal Maker – You are ready; you've actually bought and sold real estate your personal residence. The process over all is not much different. Buy the property at the lowest workable price, have a plan on what you are going to do with it and move forward. Its easy, investors do this everyday. Join your local REIA it may help you get moving, a great place to meet other investors, real estate agents, contractors, and lenders.

The time is now it can be next week or next month but it should be soon. Get in the game put to use everything you've learned there is still a lot more to learn the real education comes from trying or putting deals together. If you are not really interested and have found that this is not for you, then stop buying the books, tapes and going to the seminars you're just making the guru's rich, save your money the banks will pay you 1.25% on their CD's

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