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Top 6 Christmas Dieting Rules In A Fair World

   By: Perriann Rodriguez

As a frequent dieter, or watcher of my weight, I tend to get frustrated at times when it seems like the weight is not coming off as it should. I exercise, try to avoid donuts and cakes, etc. but the weight still hangs around. What could be the problem?

In my frustration I have developed 6 dieting rules that should apply for this Christmas a fair world. These rules should be made law!!

1. If you eat food off of someone else's plate, the calories should not count. Also, if you didn't order it and end up eating it, the calories should not count.

2. If you eat standing up, only 1/2 the calories should count. This is a great rules for moms that prepare kids meals and end up standing up to eat themselves!!

3. If you think about going to the gym 5 times without going, you can add 150 calories to your exercise calories bank. After all, thinking about going to the gym is hard work. This also should apply if you watch 5 exercise videos--without exercising.

4. If you have a piece of cake with a diet drink, the calories cancel themselves out.

5. If you pay money to lose weight, i.e. many weight loss programs require monthly fees, then the pounds should automatically be removed from your body.

6. We should be able to pay someone to exercise for us and download the benefits to our body somehow!

Do you have a Dieting Rule in a Fair World that you would like to add? Send us an Email at and we will add it to the list.

Merry Christmas and happy eating--especially the cake/pies/cookies as long as you have a diet drink with it.

Perriann Rodriguez is the founder of The Official Weight Loss Advisory, located at Here you will find reviews and articles on many different weight loss programs, exercise tips, diet pills, weight charts, health issues and more. Lose weight the easy way at Weight Loss Advisory.

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