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Englishman Craig Eliot Alden's Condition In A Brazilian Prison Not Stabilizing

   By: Ronald Nordquist

Englishman Craig Eliot Alden has been on a hunger strike in a Brazilian prison since learning of his conviction and 48 year sentence for child sexual abuse on November 1 of this year. He has refused to take solid food until he sees his government in London take positive steps for his eventual release or retrial. On a website dedicated to his release, a recent photo of him has been placed on it. He appears gaunt but is still standing on his own strength. Alden has vowed to stop taking daily liquids if his case stalls due to his government's inactions.

Meanwhile, Alden refuses to leave his small prison cell to exercise with the other inmates in the prison yard due to a number of death threats he has received. His cell is very small and damp with one single lightbulb he turns on by connecting two bare wires together. He does receive some support though, from some of the prison guards who are encouraging him to continue his fight for freedom.

On Downing Street in London people are lining up outside of the Prime Minister's door to protest the travesty of justice that has been committed against one of their fellow citizens. They want to ensure that this case remains high profile in the eyes of the press, pressing Tony Blair to influence Brazilian President Lula da Silva to get involved in this case. As this author understands the law here in Brazil, Lula is the only official who cn intervene on Alden's behalf for a second look at his case. The probable problem with the Brazilian government is just how to frame a statement that doesn't make them look like a bunch of incompetent fools.

Craig Alden deserves his shot at freedom. If you go to his website, it will quickly become obvious that Alden has unfortunately fallen between several cracks in a very less than adequate justice system. His website is

Come on Brazil. Wiseup. Drop your foolish pride and help a man who has been helping your country's impoverished orphans for years. Set Craig Eliot Alden free.

This article can be reprinted if the author's bio is included.

Ronald Nordquist is an American and a language expert living in Brazil, operating a small business together with his Brazilian wife. They have a 2 year old son. He has an MBA from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and a web site at He wants to return to the USA.

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