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Sleeping With Another Man's Wife

   By: Tim Mack

As my ship pulled further away from Port my pain grew until it became unbearable. If there were a God left that I still beleived in I would have prayed that I could have been transformed into a woman, so I could cry away the pain I felt.

"Are you okay,?" my ship mate asked.

"I'll never see her again and I'm just feeling a little dead inside."

"Oh, is that all it is Mack? If ever I saw a woman love a man, Theresa loves you with all her heart and will be right here waiting for you when we return."

"I'm not ever returning Mike. My years extension is up next week and I'm not extending any more. There is nothing left of me any more. I left my heart and my soul, back at that last Port."

"You mean you're just going to walk out on it all Mack. Why, just tell me why."

"I wanted to have a child with her Mike but she told me she couldn't."

"You could adopt if she can't have a child Mack."

"No, that's not the reason Mike. She's married. She's been married all along and never told me till last night when I asked her about having a child."

"You mean you've been sleeping with another mans wife for over a year Mack. Why didn't she ever tell you?"

"She said she thought I would leave her if I knew and she saw another woman with me in the tarot cards and wanted me while she could."

Putting his arm around Macks shoulder Mike said, "I'm sorry Mack, I know how much she meant to you."

"Thanks Mike, but you'll really never know what she meant to me. No one will ever really know. There was just no one like her."

"How did you meet her anyway Mack."

"I asked her if she was Jesus if you want to know the truth Mike.

"And what did she say when you asked her that Mack?"

"She asked, "what makes you think I'm Jesus."

I said, "I don't think you look like Jesus at all. But at the same time I noticed a vision of a beautiful Mermaid that looked just like you my ship mate claimed he was seeing Jesus, so I just wanted to make sure that my eyes aren't playing tricks on me.

"Do I really look like your Mermaid,?" she asked.

"Yes you do, except that you're a lot prettier," I answered.

"If you're trying to pick me up the answer is yes, because that's the best pick up line I've ever heard."

"Oh, I've got lots more," I answered.

"You think I'm putting you on Mike don't you."

"Well, maybe just a little Mack.

"But you're wrong Mike. She inspired me to reach beyond the mundane and hum drum. She made me feel clever and gave me a diminsion that I never knew I had."

"So will you write when you leave Mack?"

"No Mike, I will never write another comedy again, for my life is now to filled with tragedy. I will just use the skills I learned so well but never used to become filthy rich and just be as shallow and unhappy as everyone else on Wall Street.

"You mean you'll never write anything again Mack."

"Only one last thing Mike. I promised my cousin I would write a speech for her about how it feels to be a Nun for 25 years."

"But how would you know Mack?"

"What Mike?, you don't think all this time in the Navy qualifies me to know what its like to be a Nun."

"Frankly, no I don't Mack. But you're going to do this anyway, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course Mike, she's my cousin and she needs a speech."

"You know your nuts Mack, don't you?"

"Yes, of course I know I'm nuts? Now will you please take your arm off my shoulder Mike before everyone on the ship thinks were an item? And thanks, I decided not to jump. The sharks looked just a tad bit overweight."

Special Note: This writer is now again inspired thanks to Anne Therese.

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