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Your Everyday Presentations -- How To Add Pizzazz

   By: Chris King

We spend an inordinate amount of time and effort preparing for a scheduled speech and/or meeting, but we often don't consider the importance of daily relationship building through presentations. In this article, I discuss the many ways we can add pizzazz to our everyday interactions with others.

I feel strongly that if we want to be powerful communicators and leave a lasting impression with everyone with whom we come into contact, we need to seize the day and use all of our presentation skills from morning to night and during every interaction. Following are some of the ways to add that pizzazz!

Check the vitality level of your voice. Practice vocal variety in everyday situations. Listen to the phone messages you have left on your home phone and voice mails. Work on those messages if you need to add some oomph. When we exhibit enthusiasm and energy in our messages -- whether they are on our systems or we are leaving a message on someone else's system -- we are saying that we care about that other person.

It is the important to work on our in person telephone delivery. There are whole courses and workshops to address this skill for those who usually answer the phone, but everyone needs to pay attention to this necessary presentation skill. The person on the other end of the transmission can hear a smile. They can also note if you are in a rush to cut them off, or disinterested in what they are saying.

Eliminate filler words and phrases from you daily presentations. I spend a great deal of time listening to National Public Radio, and am always amazed at how many intelligent people who are interviewed by the hosts use a plethora of filler words -- for example, um, ah, ur, you know, whatever, and on and on. When we are speaking in public, we pay special attention to eliminating these words and phrases, but do we avoid them in everyday speaking? These dreaded words weaken our messages and rob us of our credibility.

Practice brevity, or saying what you have to say in as few words as possible. Each of us has experienced the frustration of having someone, either in person or over the phone, talk on and on infinitum. You feel like saying, “Just get to your point. What is it you are trying to say?” If we work on picking our words carefully and being brief, we will be known for being articulate and a clear thinker. Never, never be boring.

If you consider your everyday interactions to be opportunities for working on your presentation skills, you will not only become a more polished speaker with pizzazz, you will also strengthen your relationships with the others in your life!

Chris King is a professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, free agent, and fitness instructor. You will find her powerful presentations website at and her business website at

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