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You Can Make Thousands More With An Investor Real Estate Agent

   By: Bill Carey

If you're like most real estate investors you actually have a real job and started working on your investment business so you can tell your boss what he can do with the JOB. Until that time comes how many hours do you have to grow or even start your business? A knowledgeable professional Real Estate Agent may just be your answer.

Most agents still think you need 10%, 20% or more down to buy a house.

We know better. A professional real estate agent who is an investor or knows and understands the language of and the how tos' of real estate investing is the person you need to help get you started. They have read the same books attended the same seminars and classes and are members of the same REIA that you are. They want to help you make and keep more money.

There are Ga-zillion licensed agents out there.

Finding the right one can be a challenge. You can call a real estate office and talk to any one of the happy chirpy agents who answer the phone, one draw back is that these folks are the new inexperienced agents when you start talking investments they tend to back off. Or you get the experienced agent with no current business who will work with you until they find a real buyer not an investor. The professional investor agent is looking to your future of the 5, 10, or 20 other properties you are going to work with him on, not just this one today. They are not short term thinkers.

The agent finds you and you don't know it.

The investor agents are always out doing business they advertise properties for sale “fixer uppers”, “foreclosures”, “and distressed sales”. Also run specialty ads for looking for investors “call for HUD list” “websites for rehab properties”. These agents are looking for you. When you call on the ad and leave your information or register on a web site you receive a call back from an investor real estate agent. Just the professional you are looking for and he found you.

When you get a good agent hang on to them.

A good agent will lead you to deals that are right in front of you but that you don't see. A professional agent is internet savvy will provide you more leads that fit your criteria than you ever hope to process they will register you into their VIP buyer program or email program where you will receive email leads everyday or every week. More opportunities than you could ever handle. They normally work with many investors that is their business they will not leave you unless you chose not to work with them.

The Investor's Dilemma.

How do you keep a great agent working with you? It's easy be honest, understand that this is a business to them not just something to dream about on Saturday afternoon. If you want help from the professional agent who knows the business, knows the market you need to put yourself on the line. A Buyer Agency Contract is a two way street you promise to work with the agent and the agent promises to represent you. When the agent represents you and not the seller this is where you get the insider information where all the research is done on properties for you, the tax records, title inspections, access to their team of contractors, engineers, attorneys. Right at your finger tips all the stuff you would pay thousands of dollars for and it can be FREE to the investors who will work with the agent.

So think again about how you want to grow your business. The easy way without much effort on your part is to work with a professional investor real estate agent. Or continue working around every other new agent who keeps avoiding you because you are an investor and not a real buyer or because they are not sure what investing is all about?

Bill Carey with over 30 years in real estate sales, investments, and home building offers a unique perspective to the buying and selling process of residential real estate for F*R*E*E consumer information and reports log on to and see "Insider Real Estate Secrets Revealed" ...a must-read for Home-Owners and Renters! It's a F*R*E*E 12-lesson e-course covering more than 20 topics exposing the realities behind buying and selling a home. It Could Make(or Save) You Thousands of Dollars

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