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Christmas Planning - 4 Last Minute Items You Don't Want To Miss!

   By: Bernadette Dimitrov

Create some magic - Buy a cloth Advent Calendar and write wishes for love, health or happiness and place each wish in each pocket under each day leading up to Christmas. Now write the name of each person in your house-hold separately onto small pieces of paper and place all in a hat. Each night you all take it in turns to pull out a name. This person gets to take the wish for that day. This creates an exciting, fun and memorable family tradition leading up to Christmas.

Snacks for unexpected guests - Keep a few packets of candy and half a dozen extra packets of dry and sweet biscuits in the cupboard plus some extra ready made dips in the fridge for unexpected guests. Even better and to keep in tune with the Christmas spirit, buy a few extra traditional Panettone Christmas cakes and keep in the pantry. They come in small, individually sized, gorgeous little card-board packages with red ribbons that make them look extra special for presenting to your guests.

Gifts needing batteries - Check if any presents need batteries and go buy them in advance. There is nothing more heart-breaking than the look on a child's face when they have a gift they can't turn on! Don't let this happen and spoil your Christmas with the presentation of a flood of tears! Buy a few extra batteries too in various sizes and keep them in your pantry for presents gifted from family and friends that may also require the use of batteries.

Prepare extra gifts - Buy a few extra bottles of wine, small and medium boxes of chocolates as well as some individual Christmas crackers with presents inside and wrap them all individually in Christmas paper with ribbons and a tag ready to write on for those unexpected guests or friends and their children who bring you presents. Now you can return the honor immediately and you'll keep everyone feeling special and happy!

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