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Use Your Head!

   By: Theresa Cahill

I know we'd all like to be able to stumble onto that special something that will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams, and the internet sure is doing it's fair share of making us think that is possible.

But, it is not...

Did you know that over 400 new internet users come online every 40 seconds?

Do you realize that these poor people, once they are done playing games online will probably at some point discover the world of internet marketing?

Do you believe they won't be like the rest of us and get taken to the cleaners time after time after time?

Do you know the phrase "a suc^ker born every minute" is truly alive and well - on the internet??

I think we all need to reach out and keep that from happening!

Recently I was contacted with a specific request, one I'd sure like to be able to implement, but I just don't see how.

The lure of the quick buck is just that... a lure, and the only one getting rich quick is the ingenious snake that thought of the original idea.

Then, to make matters worse, it gets duplicated over and over and over.

And, each time, even the smartest people I know will attempt yet again to get something for virtually nothing!

The problem is that the cheapie program isn't at all cheap! Not only doesn't it deliver what it promises, overnight success, but it robs you of your precious dollars along the way.

Think about it... You "invest" $5 and you just know you're going to cycle through that ol' matrix faster than greased lightning, right?


Back along the way, in my more gullible stages, I tried this thing, too (more than once) so I'm speaking from experience.

I was in a forum for one of these programs and one voice of reason (who, by the way, bought in too, so what does that say?) made it plain as plain.

On average, it would take the typical "investor" over 5 years (!) to see any return on their money. 5 Years! He proved it mathematically, too.

Now, let's all stop and think a moment here... What are the odds that program is even going to be around 5 weeks from now, let alone 5 years?

Please... The ONLY people getting rich "quickly" are the ones that can fast talk you out of your hard earned cash.

The internet can create multimillionaires - and those people making that kind of cash do one thing that those doing the $5 quickie scheme just don't seem to catch onto... they WORK at their goals.

They've created a niche, they work hard filling it, they provide a service or product. In return, they make money.

Would you let that con man in your front door? Would you even know him when you saw him?

There ARE programs out there with the legitimate means for you to make a living - or consider starting your own little niche on the web.

But, above all else, use your head!

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Theresa Cahill, a two decade veteran of marketing, is the owner of and invites you to take a look at the services of MWA and download helpful information and more at

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