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The Law Of Physics Is Wrong

   By: Theresa Cahill

One law of physics tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Well I'm here to tell you that, in the case of the internet, that is all wrong.

There is nothing "equal" about the reactions of internet users!

You know what I mean if you've ever, for example, received an email from a friend (who received their email from a friend of a friend...) telling you "you may have a vir*us on your computer." These emails generally include instructions on how to remove some vital piece of necessary programming from your operating system - something no sensible person would ever do without investigating first.

Then... a few minutes or hours later, you get a second email, only this one is an apology. Your friend is embarassed but willing to admit that he/she was duped and now has in his/her possession proof that the above WAS all "just a hoax."

In the meantime, the first email caused a "gut reaction." The receivers of the first initial email, again without investigation, freaked out and, wanting to make sure THEIR friends didn't suffer a similar fate, emailed a whole new set of internet users to "watch out!"

They of course mailed their friends, who mailed their friends, who... you get the idea.

So I have proof positive that the law of reactionary physics as the scientists perceive it is all wrong!

There is NO "equal reaction" on the internet - it escalates all out of proportion quickly, easily, efficiently.


We are once again at that stage. The latest "out of proportion" action/reaction is the internet's response to the "anti-sp*am" laws going before the courts.

Normal, rational people in all walks of life with internet mailing lists are "reacting" perhaps totally out of proportion to this current state of affairs.

Now, don't get me wrong - there is legislation in the works to try to do something about all this junk we ALL are getting!

Bully for them, but if they'd done their own homework, the legislators would realize that a huge portion of this JUNK comes out of Asia, from isps with absolutely NO INTEREST in operating in an ethical fashion. These isps are so well hidden that no amount of legislation from all the countries in the universe is going to make an iota of difference.

So while legislators react to lobbyists - without a hope of really ever making a difference - we've got the "regular Joe" online also over-reacting.

He or she thinks they are "doing the right thing" by conforming to laws that don't even exist yet.

And, in reality, these laws may never come to pass. Already challenges are being made through legal channels. These challenges may hold off any decision for years to come.

Any sane person knows these attempts to make new laws will not work, but like anything it will takes years or decades of tying up the courts before anyone is going to admit it.

So are you going to just "react from the gut" on this latest one - without researching, without considering the fact that you may have ALWAYS been doing business the right and ethical way... without being told?

If you HAVE been collecting names and emails, and if they come with an isp identifier even better - you've been doing it right all along.

The newest step to cover ones..., ah, you know, is to add a disclaimer at your signup site, and inside each mailing, that you run ads.

These ads can be anything from programs you yourself are promoting to your downline, to the ezine publisher who runs his/her own ads and those of their subscribers.

Just be sure to tell would-be signer-uppers that they will be getting ads from you and their fellow downliners/subscribers/affiliates if applicable.

That really covers it. Existing lists are people who've always been given numerous opportunities to leave that list at any given time. Duh, they know they've been getting ads... right?

Now just add in the "ad disclaimer" and be sure to always have the "click here to re*move yourself" link in all your mailings.

There, you are in essence "compliant."

I am not an attorney, and I'll be the first person to say things may change and evolve over time, but that is why doing your own homework is so vital - regardless of the latest happenings online.

More research - less "gut reaction." Don't rely on "what you've heard."

Be sensible, do YOUR OWN homework, apply what you learn, and make adjustments if needed. But don't destroy what you've built.

Adapt then react... with a proportional response.

© Theresa Cahill - All Rights Reserved. Feel free to distribute this article. Please keep it intact and with the resource box included below.


Theresa Cahill, a two decade veteran of marketing, is the owner of and invites you to take a look at the services of MWA and download helpful information and more at

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