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Reaching For The Prize

   By: Ann Stewart

What's a prize? When we think of that word, we envision playing the lottery and winning the big prize. The dictionary defines the word prize as: accolade, award, reward, or honor. Consider something earth-shattering, that rarely ever happens, like exceptional merit for bravery, a totally unexpected inheritance, or the top lottery prize.

A dream - yes, a big dream - can come to pass! you can go for it and bring it to pass. Not the airy fairy stuff, like winning the lottery. But, no matter how big your dream is, it can come true!

Remember when you were a little tyke and had great aspirations of becoming --- (fill in your blank)? Then what happened? Did your dream become a reality? Or did well-meaning teachers and parents implant negative thoughts which eventually eroded your expectations?

We were all excited about what we wanted to be and how much money we were going to save in order to have an early retirement. You've been there, haven't you? Then what happened? Well, the cares of the world, personal relationship problems and feelings of not being up to the job surfaced and eventually overtook the dream, right?

Over the years a lot was heard about the importance of thinking positive thoughts. The implementation of always having positive thoughts was a concept that was easier said than done.

Happiness is a Choice!

A Choice? How can that be? How can happiness be a choice? Is your life not the sum of all the problems and experiences you had to fight off along the way, including upbringing, doctors' diagnoses of your and/or family members/s' health problems, etc....and the list goes on?

But, it's true! We can choose to be as happy as we would ever wish to be! What about past experiences? We can enjoy every day with new zest and expectation, and even start a whole new career - anything you want! Right now!

Right Down the Vision

The most important thing to do with your dream is to write it down. Put it on your desk - right in you face. Why? You'll see it, talk about it, and dream about it every day. The written word becomes just like a legal document. And, if legal, then of course it is going to happen!

The Spoken Word

Once the vision is in your mind, you Will start speaking about it. To yourself at first and to your closest friends and family. Eventually the more you hear yourself speaking it - in faith - the more it becomes reality. Work it, think it, speak it! By thinking of and speaking in faith the thoughts that will bring you happiness, you are automatically ignoring all the bad thoughts that plagued you before! Reading motivational and inspirational quotes will help keep you on track, as does associating with positive people.

One Day at a Time

The most important thing is to live one day at a time. It keeps to big vision in perspective. Every day you will see positive changes happening. Surround yourself with pictures of what you're aiming for. If it's a brand new mini van for your family, cut out a picture of one and stick it in front of your workplace or fridge. Speak and believe the van into being.

In summing up, you will actually discover that the power is within you to bring happiness into your life. You can do it. By seeing it, thinking it and speaking it and refusing to listen to any negative thoughts or words, one day at a time, you will soon experience a different you! You are not a finished product of your past circumstances. You are the product of your thoughts and beliefs! Happiness IS your choice!

Ann Stewart

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ann is the author of “With Wings as Eagles,” an inspirational and encouraging testimony of overcoming through faith in the Word of God.

Featured on the cover of the October, 2005 issue of Triumph over Trauma and sponsor of the Shared Vision network, she is dedicated to help and encourage others to stand strong spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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