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Read This Article If You Love Sushi

   By: Lance Winslow

Do you love good Sushi? What is it about raw fish that is so enjoyable to eat? A slab of your favorite Sashimi can truly make your day. You know if I were a shark in the ocean, I think I might be very happy, swimming around eating my favorite sushi. Of course being a Dolphin would be cool too. And just think how much less it would cost to eat rather than cruising into an expensive Japanese Restaurant? Just swim up to your most tasty choice for the day, pick from the menu and take a bite size sample and smile. Sounds good doesn't it.

It appears the taste for sushi is an acquired taste to many in the Western World but an innate taste in Asian and other countries. Yet we all know that seafood has been one of mankind's favorite dishes for thousands of years. In fact most of human civilizations live near the water, probably because this is where we have always gotten much of our food.

Thus it stands to reason from an evolutionary standpoint that humans would automatically like sushi? Although some say; why would anyone eat raw fish? Well, because it is great and you need to explain this to friends and treat them to sushi so they understand why people love sushi so much. Think on this.

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