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Read This Article If You Live In A Red State

   By: Lance Winslow

Do you live in a Red State? Do you ever wonder why we are dividing ourselves with colors? Isn't that what the gangs in Los Angeles use to do? Divide themselves with red and blue. The “Bloods” and the “Crypts” the bloods were Red and the Crypts were Blue and they were against each other and all the rest of us too? Have we reduced politics in our nation to that zoo? Surely there is more to political parties then a simple color or hue? But boys will be boys and politics is politics, so what can one do?

Have we divided our country in sound and fury like a couple of cross-town rivalry high school football teams? Why? It sure is silly for the greatest nation in the world to resort to BS turmoil. Have we nothing better to do than fight amongst ourselves in tit-for-tat meaningless squalls perpetuated and blown out of proportion by the mass media hysteria of network Television and print medium outlets?

It is a little humbling to see our fellow men carry on this way; it makes you wonder if the human race is some sort of joke or skit with puppets in a situation comedy. How simple it is for humans to get caught up in an uproar and lose all their common decency and moral fiber. Is this all the better we can do? Like a bunch of gangs in the night fighting for a turf war of politics? Silly humans colored cereal is for rabbits and Trix are for kids. Think on this.

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