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Physical Therapists- We Lack Marketing & Business Know How

   By: Josef Blahnik

How Is Marketing A Physical Therapy Practice Different from any other business?

In many respects, marketing a Physical Therapy practice is not that much different from marketing other small businesses.

Basic business and marketing principles that apply in other successful businesses- including marketing, budgeting, branding, marketing strategies, public relations opportunities, tracking systems, instilling the sense of ownership in all employees, productivity measures - also apply in the Physical Therapy Marketplace.

However, there are several ways - some subtle and some obvious - that marketing a Physical Therapy practice is different than marketing for other small businesses.

1. Most Physical Therapists typically have little (if any) business training, education or marketing experience prior to owning their first practice.

In fact, PT's - prefer to view their practice as a calling, a profession geared to helping others, anything but a business that is out to make a profit. The motivations that draw people to a career in Physical Therapy are different from the interests that draw others toward a career in business.

This paradigm often creates the unfortunate but predictable irony that results in a business owner who is ill prepared, ill equipped and often unaware of the basic requirements needed to establish financial & business success.

Because We never learned about business aspects of owning our own practice. Or about marketing principles, strategies and other tactics in our Physical Therapy curriculum. We as Physical Therapist and business owners are usually at a distinct disadvantage from the very beginning of our business ownership. We are forced to struggle through the process of trial-and-painful-error to compensate for our lack of business training and knowledge.

It's hard enough to succeed in business when you know what you are doing.

It is almost impossible when you don't even know what you don't know.

Get informed today and start using Time tested and Proven Marketing and Business Prinicples that work for Physical Therapy.

Josef Blahnik, MSPT Managing Director Physical Therapy Success

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