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India's Chances At Commonwealth Games 2006

   By: Manoj Gupta

The fragrance of Commonwealth Games 2006 is all around and the Indians are assessing the chances of Medals in it. Having won the bid to host the Commonwealth Games in the year 2010, it's an issue of great speculation and interest to witness how India fares as a host too.

Looking the stats of last Commonwealth Games held in 2002, India stood 4th in rank with Australia, England and Canada at top three positions. The total medals won by India were 69 with 30 Gold medals.

Indian women notched more gold medals (16) then men (14).

In 2010, 71 nations will be participating.

A look at stats of India's performance in previous Commonwealth Games highlights India's winning majorly in Athletics, Boxing, Wrestling and Weightlifting. Minor wins in Shooting, Hockey and Badminton. The total number of sports in 2002 was 17 which is high as against 10 in 1994. However this increase in number of sports does not increase the chances of India winning more medals as the core sports in which India has won medals were included in 1994, 1998 as well as 2002. India has not shown any wins in sports like Gymnastics, Tennis and Swimming. In 2002, Anjali Vedpathak and Jaspal Rana won 14 gold in shooting. Women lifters won 11 gold. Women athletes Anju Bobby George and Nilan J Singh won medals. In 2010, individual wins should rule the roost again and try to bring India at rank 3.

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