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When Can We Fire The FTC For Their Dismal Performance On SPAM?

   By: Lance Winslow

The Federal Trade Commission seems to have defrauded the American People wouldn't you say. They started out with a bang stating they were aggressively fighting SPAM? That appears to be a complete misrepresentation of fact, as well as a borderline falsehood. I can tell you this, if this is our government's idea of an aggressive war on SPAM, we are in big trouble, because since the CAN SPAM Act of 2003, I have seen nothing more than a 1000% increase in the SPAM in my email inbox, how about you?

Is it fair to the American People for a Public Relations Firm like the Federal Trade Commission to go around tooting their own horns like this, year after year, yet accomplish nothing? Does the F-T-C really stand for “Failed-The-Consumer” because as it stands now their 116-page report to Congress did little to nudge my opinion of that agency and their purported war on SPAM successes. We are losing the War in SPAM. We need to bring our FTC home and back to Earth. Some need to be jailed for their misrepresentation of fact to the American People and that report to Congress needs to be better looked at and those who lied to Congress or purported untruths in its compilation need to be sent to prison. This abuse is unfair to the American People. Think on that.

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