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Necessities For Hospitals To Come Online

   By: Rajkumar Neelappa

Every category of business are looking into the new trend of being online. For example: Banking Entertainment Bidding and Auctioning etc. The reason is very simple. The business achieves a unimaginable exposure and potentially grow without leaps and bounds. Medical domain is no way behind in this. Some of the hospitals have already started looking into the internet for their exposure.

Here are few online portals and news found on the internet regarding this.

Scope of Hostpital Information System(HIS):

Every hospital achieves a considerable amount of automation by implementing Hospital Information System(HIS) into their system. The Hospital staff will be able to manage all the activities through this system. And the electronic information is managed effectively. But finally the patients are delivered a copy of the report in the form of papers which follows the traditional way. These are reports are always in threat to be lost or damaged. Its the same case with the Id card carried by the patient once registered. When it comes to the registration of a patient, there is no smarter way to handle it. The patients are expected to get registered waiting in long queues. Also there needs to be a dedicated staff for data entry who enquires every patient and help them get registered.

Modes of communication:

This has always been a great challenge and continuously evolving subject of the modern days. Traditionally any business would provide contact information in the form of address, telephone number, fax, email address in the profile. But this can result in a hectic work moderating them. The existing HIS system has a minimum features to provide communication between the organization and the end users. This makes some of the operations inefficient and costly. Lets take an example of a critical patient from Bangalore. He needs a consultancy from an expert doctor, and let us assume that there is less specialized doctors in that city. There is a hospital in Gurgaon which he can go and get consulted. He travels to that place and gets consulted. He then returns to his homeplace. At the later point of time, he realizes that he did not explain few important symptoms to the doctor. He probably decides to visit the hospital again! The decision taken by the patients makes him to spend too much money. If there is a system which can help him explain his problem and get consulted for it without travelling to the remote city, he would be grateful to the Organization. He can be informed about the severity of the problem and probable medical tests he needs to undergo. This will help me to decide when to visit the hospital for further investigations.

Research and survey:

The organization might opt to do the research on particular category of patients. The patients respond to the online survey of the hospital and organization would gather valuable inputs from the patients. Thus it can publish its research in various editorials.

Building the Experts community:

The knowledge is distributed among varius medical experts around the world. Apart from learnings from the Medical institutes, a medical expert always gains lot of knowledge only by his experience.

The organization can plan to build a experts community from around the world who can exchange their ideas on a particular area. This would help the internal Doctors to gain the quality knowledge from other experts and themselves sharing many quality research outcomes. Building Community always helps the international recognition of an organization and individual doctors.

Rajkumar N

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