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Enjoy The New Boom In Writing For The Web

   By: Angela Booth

If you're a selling writer, you're well aware of the new boom in writing for the Web. This boom won't end anytime soon. Competent writers have all the work that they can handle.

If you're looking for writing work, start now to pursue more Web copywriting work.

As a copywriter, what can you write for the Web? Anything and everything. Main pages to Web sites, sales pages, product descriptions, blogs (yes, companies do pay writers to write blogs, which are Web logs or journals, if you're not au courant), newsletters, ezines --- the list goes on and on.

If I were a new copywriter starting out today, I'd focus strictly on the Web. You get to work with companies worldwide, you work at your own pace, and you can see the results of your efforts almost instantly. What chiefly appeals to me is the wide variety of the work, and the terrific relationships you can make.

How much money can you make? If you're a complete beginner, you can estimate that you'll make $50,000 for the first year. If you're more experienced, you can easily double that amount.

=> How to get started as an online copywriter

How do you get started copywriting in the online world?

It's not a requirement to have your own Web site, but it helps. With your own site, you can point prospective clients to work samples, and can show them that you know how the Web operates. They can also get an idea of your writing style. The biggest benefit of a Web site is that it's painless marketing. After the site has been up for a year or so, clients will come to you, you don't have to hunt for work.

You can find Web writing work in many ways. The best way is to approach companies directly, with a proposal.

You can also respond to online job ads. However, please be careful when responding to such ads. I've received several anguished yelps from writers who've been conned by rip-off artists. These characters get writers to write (and write and write), and when the writer sends an invoice, there's no payment.

If you have doubts about someone after Googling them (entering their company name into You can also check out the Whispers and Warnings at ---

=> Please get a retainer up-front

A further warning--- if you don't know the client, and haven't worked for the company before, get some money BEFORE you start working on a project. Copywriting is not speculative work. Please make sure that you get your writing services agreement signed, and that you get a retainer up front. You might not require a retainer for small projects if you know the client, but you should definitely get a retainer for any job over $200, and for all new clients. The retainer can be as low as ten per cent for a large project, with regular payments to be made at intervals, or half the total fee.

If you don't have a writing services agreement, please create one. It's a simple form explaining the scope of the project, its deadline, the number of revisions, the payment, and how and when that payment is due.

If you enjoy writing, enjoy the Web writing boom. It's a chance for you to get started with a writing career if you're a beginning writer. If you're a pro, it's a great chance to increase your income.

Stuck in your writing career? Get a coach! Angela Booth coaches writers in copywriting (writing for business), nonfiction, and fiction. A veteran writer, published by major publishers worldwide, Angela is also an experienced writing teacher, who knows how to inspire and motivate. You CAN make a success of your writing career. Free daily info for writers at her blog: Start your writing coaching today by contacting Angela at her site Angela offers personal one-on-one e-courses and mentoring for all forms of writing. Ask for a low-cost initial phone or email consultation.

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