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Postcard Marketing: An Inexpensive Communication Tool

   By: Kelly Biedny

Continuous communication is an important part of keeping your small business at the top of your customer's minds. Your marketing plan should contain various types of customer communication--one inexpensive type is postcard marketing.

Postcards are excellent communication tools for many reasons: they're always opened; they visually reinforce your brand even if they're not 'read'; and they're inexpensive.

Postcards can be used to announce specials or events. They can also contain coupons or announce new services. Whatever their message, it should be focused, to the point and benefit heavy—don't just send a postcard, or any communication for that matter, for the sake of sending something. ALL communication should share a benefit to the customer.

On the 'cover' of the postcard, I recommend incorporating your logo and other images that reinforce your brand, as well as a strong headline. Make sure it's something that will catch so your customers look at it more carefully. Remember, even if they don't read it, they are still getting a visual message from you and you want it to be instantly recognizable.

On the message side of the postcard, be brief and to the point, and again, make sure there IS a point. Sending communication to clients without a clear purpose is essentially worse then junk mail. It sends a message that your small business is unfocused and irresponsible with it' use of customer personal information. That being said, you could probably get a way with it a couple of times and be forgiven, but keep it up and customers will association your small business with pointless junk mail. So, make sure that all your communication, including your postcard, has a purpose that benefits the customer and that it tells the customer exactly what that benefit is.

Putting together a postcard is a fairly simple process. Graphic Designers are very reasonable and there are online printing services or local printers who can help your small business out as well. If your looking for an inexpensive and effective way to market your products and/or services, make sure that when you sit down to put together your marketing plan for the year, you incorporate postcard marketing.

Kelly Biedny is the owner of Kleobell Creative Business Solutions Her areas of expertise include branding/image development, communication/marketing, web development and project management.

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