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Online Resources For Working Women Who Juggle Family, Career

   By: Cheryl Rickman

Working mothers work longer hours Approximately 47% of the UK workforce is now made up of women, with 12 million employed, according to the Labour Force Survey from the Office of National Statistics. And the employment figure is rising by approximately 20,000 every two months. 41% of these women are working mothers with dependant children (4.9 million), and it is these women that increasingly
have to juggle work and home, career and family.

According to a recent government-backed research programme into the future of work, working mums work longer hours than they did ten years ago; on average an additional 2.5 hours a week are spent working compared to the early 1990s. These findings have caused Shirley Conran, author of Superwoman, to advise women to go on a baby strike and stop having children for ten years because there’s not enough support for mothers.

Fortunately, women needn’t take such evasive action as there are plenty of resources on the Net that can help working mothers and female entrepreneurs to maximise their time, find the perfect childcare solution, get help from virtual assistants and business/web advice.

Here are a pick of some of the best resources online for working women today.

TIME MANAGEMENT / WORK-LIFE BALANCE The leader in work-life balance training. This site sells the ‘Juggling Woman’ series of booklets: ‘107 winning ideas on returning to work and ‘99 helpful hints in understanding teenagers’. How to manage your time effectively article
How to manage your time effectively article Time management tips and time log Time management tips An service that enables you to get help from
specific experts. Jackie Hale is the Time Management expert. How to get the most from your time Time management seminars Demonstrates how work-life policies can be introduced on
a practical basis.
Work-life balance booklet from Healthworks. Has some useful articles on juggling work and life. Flexible recruitment consultants who support work-life
balance Free book provided by DTI.
Articles on work-life balance and resources for mums.

OUTSOURCING AND VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS Business services outsourcing marketplace Professional services marketplace Freelance database Provides administration and support services to businesses
and individuals. International Virtual Assistants Association V-sec secretarial services Virtual assistance UK The Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant Community Virtual Assistant/Office Professionals Virtual Assistants Australian Virtual Assistants Virtual Assistance Executive virtual assistance. Help available to cushion the impact

BUSINESS AND INTERNET RELATED ADVICE New government initiative with useful information relating to business and e-commerce Better Business magazine online Does exactly what it says on the tin :) Includes internet statistics, outsourcing and more Lobbying body for SMEs Factsheets for SMEs, including tax self assessment and
other information. Inland Revenue Self Assessment Free guides and worksheets The Sunday Times Enterprise Network Online business development directory and more In-depth site appraisals and personalised web promotion plans and press releases, to save you time and optimise web performance. Online marketing resource centre

CHILDCARE Helps nannies find jobs (with tips and advice for nannies) and helps mothers to find the perfect match with regards to nannies and mothers helps’ Babysitting booking service. Resource centre and nanny directory Resource centre for parents Resource centre for parents Resource centre for parents Resource centre for women

WOMEN'S WEBSITES AND COMMUNITIES Business technology network for women For women working in new media, IT and e-commerce E-busines network for women Good advice for women starting businesses from home Global directory for women in business Executive woman magazine online Working woman magazine online Goods and services from insurance to heath, aimed at women and by women. Daily Mail Femail Section online BBC online magazine for women. Women related news regarding workplace strategies, career advancement, management, and more. African-American Women in Technology Where girls and technology click Women in business with their modems running Resources for women Internet entrepreneurs The source for women in computing National Foundation for Women Business Owners Online women’s business centre Resource for women – all things computer related Women business owners and resource centre Resources for women in business Community for working mums

QUICK CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ONLINE Women make up 50% of all Internet users and control or influence over 80% of all purchase decisions, women make up 63% of online shoppers who buy more than once a week. Here are some websites that will help you save time shopping online this Christmas. Price comparison shopping UK online shopping guide Online shopping guide The one stop shop for big boys toys Gadgets, games, boys toys
Buy CDs, videos, hardware, software, instruments and equipment and check out the boystoys directory. Gifts and products designed by women for women Point clueless boyfriends/husbands towards this site Woolies online Teenage daughters will love this one.

Cheryl Rickman e-mail: In-depth Website Appraisals, Personalised Web Promotion Plans, plus Web Page Copywriting and Editing Services and Press Release packages.

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