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Challenge Or Opportunity: Gratitude As Motivator For Change, A Love Letter

   By: Carey Gebhart

Ok, so you got a lousy diagnosis (I did)*. Darn it! Damn it! This was not part of the plan. OK, deal with it. Do what you have to do. Ask questions. Have tests. Have consultations. Have second opinions. Have surgery. Recover. Get on with it.

Whether relaxing at the world class spa resort having had a massage, facial, delicious meal served pool side or sitting in the radiologist's office awaiting results of the third round of x rays, it is possible to direct your thinking to greet each challenge as an opening. Yes, you can. It's a version of saying yes to it all and being willing to understand that within every situation, even the challenging ones, exists an opportunity. I love knowing that. I didn't know it all my life and it is truly life changing to be able to be in touch with the power to use gratitude as a motivator for change. Yes, it is power.

Are you feeling like a victim? Are you enriched by your opportunities? Are you willing to take time such as a visit to a spa to ponder and relax and be open for possibilities?

The spa experience is ideal for generating new and delicious possibilities. Whether you travel to one of the popular, well known spa locations, or create a spa like setting in your own garden, you can benefit from setting that time and space aside to review how it is with your world and what you'd like to change. Consider the possibilities even if your budget is limited:
>Getaway Package (you turn off the ringer on your phone)
>Aromatherapy Massage (sit in the sun with your favorite lotion)
>European Facial (maybe you could try that mask that's been in the drawer)
>Spa Manicure (take turns with a friend or splurge and make an appointment)
>Spa Pedicure (a really special treat, include a soak while you read something uplifting or inspiring)
>Spa Gift (make an i.o.u. and begin to save spare change to treat yourself later)

And, if cash is flowing, consider this option: Eco-spas are set in a natural or protected area and have a major commitment to incorporating environmentally friendly practices such as organic gardening, water conservation, and ecological building design. They encourage sensitivity to the natural environment and wildlife through education of spa-goers, and may also promote the well being of local people and culture by preserving indigenous healing traditions and ingredients. Thus you'd combine travel and education along with your spa experience.

In addition to a variety of spa options, there are many, many ways to view any situation or fact or incident. I say, choose gratitude. Yes, regardless of the challenge, it is possible to build new muscles while handling it and become stronger in the process. I wish it for you! Please see the resource box below if you*d like to have a coaching conversation about the possibilities. Love, Leslie

*(the result of that diagnosis is a book entitled, The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book, a companion to the earlier self helpful Have You Ever Been A Child? and Private Keep Out!, all at

Lifestyle Catalysts Kristine Carey & Leslie Gebhart are certified life coaches who ask: Are you tired of people telling you that's just how it is? Be a part of their complimentary conversation the first Monday of each Month and discover how it can be: Action creates change; what choice will you make today?

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