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Goal Setting For The New Year

   By: Maria Moratto

You have twelve months to accomplish your goals for the New Year. It is a lot of months and you can be successful if you set your goals properly. Here is a good a good formula:

1. Make a list of all you want to accomplish during the year. Think the following categories:

Health -- nutrition, exercise, wellness, weight loss

Prosperity -- stuff you want to have, finances or income, jobs, businesses

Relationships – friends, life-partners, family, co-workers

Lifestyle – fun and recreation, travel and culture, self-improvement

Education – classes, courses

Community Service – volunteering, advocating

2. Write down the strategies that you will use to accomplish each of the subcategories.

For example: Your goal is to increase your revenue participating in a Network Marketing program. Think how many people you will need who will buy from you and who will join your group; how much money you want to make; how many hours you will put in, etc, for each month.

Another example: you want to gain muscle and become stronger. Think how many times per week you will need to exercise and for how long and how much muscle weight you want to put, etc.

3. Divide the strategy in 12 segments, beginning from the end.

Suppose you want to have $12,000.00 in your bank account. You will need to save $1000.00 per month.

So, how much money can you realistically put away each month? Perhaps in November you can only put away $500.00 because you need to buy Christmas presents. You know you will receive money from the IRS in May, so you can put more that month, and so on.

4. Work backwards, from December to January.

5. Choose a day each month, perhaps the first day of the month or the last Saturday of the month, to check how you are doing and make adjustments if necessary. Keep your mind in December and the accomplishment of your goal.

This is not a complicated process, really, but you need to make time to write everything down and organize your life. Success is much more easily accomplished when you put your mind to it and act accordingly.

At the end of the year, check all your accomplishments and celebrate. You deserve it.

Repeat the process for the following year.

© Maria Moratto 2005
About the author
Dr. Maria Moratto holds 5 degrees and is a life and spiritual coach/educator. She promotes seminars and courses in attracting abundance and loving relationships, time management, stress management, diversity, goal setting, career discovery, values clarification, leisure, self-improvement, college life, communication and learning styles, spirituality, natural health and lifestyle. Visit her website at and sign up for a free e-zine that is short, informative, and fun. Visit her fun blogs at: and You may reprint this article in its entirety as long as you add this source box.

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