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This Year Is Officially Declared A Roaring Success!

   By: Thea Westra

I have no need to point out what time of year it is. It's time for us coaches to come out and say to you, “Will you fulfill your intentions for your new year?”

If you have a history of New Year resolutions that do not come to fruition by the end of each year then you may even be about to skip this article and move on to something less challenging!

Let me celebrate with you - our last year was a complete success. We totally produced the results to which we were committed. There is no such thing as “failure”; there is only “feedback”.

What is it that finds us reproducing results or similar outcomes year after year? For me, the words congruency, authenticity, belief, resolution and acceptance, spring to mind. In the moment that a goal is declared, what does the “little voice” say? What is the automatic response of our subconscious? There's a part of our minds that "knows us" so well that it keeps our “identity” intact and that is in fact, its primary job.

Therefore the first job that we need to assign to our aware and conscious mind is to resolutely “choose” the intended outcome. We need to get a crystal, clear description of what we want and express it in a context that we can wholly accept. For example, as an alternative to “I make $80,000 per year”, consider shifting your language a little and say, “In 2006 I choose fun ways to effortlessly and easily accept $80,000”.

The difference lies not in the target itself, rather what your subconscious will do with your declaration. The moment you state an overtly affirmative goal such as, “I make $80,000 per year” you can already hear the internal whisperings and thoughts that strongly negate the utterance. However, what are the likely negatives to arise in the subconscious when instead we say, “In 2006 I choose fun ways to effortlessly and easily accept $80,000”?

Consider that the creation of a goal is a marketing strategy tool for selling new beliefs and ideas to your subconscious. The larger the goal, the more effective an advertiser that you will need to be.

In a nutshell, here are a few other pointers for designing goals that have more clout with the subconscious:

state them in the affirmative; avoid comparative language such as 'more than'; be as specific as is possible and avoid general statements; include vocabulary that triggers positive emotion; share the goal only with a fan club and not 'friends' who squash your ideas or talk you out of pursuing your dreams; include all the aspects of your life in your goal setting; set goals that provide you a little challenge and stretch yet that fall short of leaving you unmotivated; your goals ought only be about you and things within your realm of influence; always state 'what you want' and leave out any references to 'what you don't want'; check that your goals are 'moving toward' goals rather than goals that are 'moving away' from something.

Consider too, adding the following lines to each of your intended targets: “I accept this or something better and I ask that whatever takes place is for the highest good of myself and everyone else involved.”

Remember that whatever you focus on WILL expand - so watch your language!

©Thea Westra is an international life coach who resides in Perth, Western Australia. She is editor and publisher of a free, monthly newsletter that you can receive by going to her website
Thea also publishes a few blogs, visit here for directional links to each.

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