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What Your Clothes Say About You - The Good, Bad, & Ugly

   By: Bridget Allen

A person's wardrobe is perhaps the best way to find out about their personality. You can quickly tell if a person is shy and quiet or loud and attention seeking just by looking at what they are wearing. Generally speaking, an individual who wants to blend into the crowd will not don a hot, sexy, and super-short dress. Furthermore, a loud and outgoing person will generally not wear a simple ho-hum sweater set. Before you choose your outfit for the day, think about how you want other people to see you and interpret your personality.

Clothing that is wild, scandalous, or super trendy may tell others that you are a hip woman fixated on the here and now. Similarly, individuals may look at these rather unique outfit choices in an unpleasant manner, thinking you have less than honorable intentions regarding a variety of issues. This is critical when seeking to dress to impress. Look at the given situation and strive to create a wardrobe that best conveys your particular point. However, do not think you are compromising your personality or individuality by worrying about what your clothing says about you. Work to incorporate unique pieces into your wardrobe that will best reflect your individuality or interests.

For the most part, we want our clothes to portray us in the most positive light possible. Your clothes say far more than you think. Additionally, your accessories or other items you wear can portray you in a variety of lights. Consider for example a woman dripping in diamonds and jewels. What do the specific accessories that she is wearing say about her and her status? Even the smallest—or largest—item in your wardrobe can speak volumes, so be sure your clothing is saying the right thing!

Perhaps the most important time to ensure your clothing is putting you in the best light is during a first meeting. Imagine the difference between meeting with a potential employer wearing a smart suit and carrying a demure bag as opposed to wearing an unsightly get up that includes an outrageously short skirt and a top with an astonishingly plunging neckline. Regardless if you are meeting a potential date, the family of your significant other, or applying for a job in person, what your wardrobe says about you is critical. Wear clothing that bests shows your interests, personality, and individuality instead of wearing clothing that may promote unnecessary misconceptions.

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