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Military Defense Weapon Trends For 2006

   By: Lance Winslow

In 2005 we saw the Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Vehicles prove their worth as they continued to earn the keep in the battlespace in the Middle East; both in Afghanistan and in Iraq. We saw a number of different systems being used, both large aircraft size UAVs like the Global Hawk and the Predator and small “remote control” aircraft size UAVs in more urban combat settings with the United States Marine Corp. What will 2006 bring in the way of new defensive weapons to fight the war on terror both away and her at home? What trends should we watch and what comes next?

Expect to see more Unmanned Vehicles along our borders both in the air and on the ground. Expect to see new tactics being developed for robotic vehicles using swarming technique. Expect to see more bio-sensors to detect disease, anthrax and chemical agents at border crossings and protecting our troops abroad. Expect more use of high-energy lasers for shooting down incoming missiles and enemy aircraft.

Expect to see underwater unmanned vehicles which do surveillance and are tied into the net-centric battlespace thru direct ship communication and satellites and other unmanned vehicles in the air, water or on the ground. Expect to see more non-lethal and lethal energy weapons to stop intruders or disrupt threats to our national security interests, citizenry, first responders or soldiers. You can expect all of this in 2006.

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